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Baltycki ripening cheese
Morski ripening cheese
Gouda ripening cheese/span>
Ozorkowski traditional ripening cheese
Jasniepanski traditional ripening cheese
Sarmacki traditional ripening cheese
Magnacki traditional ripening cheese

Ripening cheeses are obtained from selected top-quality milk. These products are rich in calcium, proteins and vitamin B12. They can be used in various ways – added to sandwiches, French bread pizzas and salads or sprinkled over soups and sauces.
We offer a wide range of these chesses, from the most common ones like Gouda, Morski and Baltycki, through Ozorkowski, to our new exclusive series of sophisticated cheeses: Jasniepanski, Sarmacki, and Magnacki. The taste and aroma of these cheeses are diverse to satisfy even the most demanding customers.
The ingredients and unique technology used for production of the Ozorkowski cheese have allowed us to apply for the Protected Geographical Indication certificate.
The Jasniepanski cheese is characterized by long ripening time to delight consumers with oval holes. Its distinctive spiciness with a sweet and nutty flavor appeals to the most refined tastes.
As the Sarmacki cheese ripens, its taste becomes gentle, aromatic, pure and slightly sweet. Thanks to its flexible texture this cheese can be used for exquisite dishes.
The Magnacki cheese offers a pure taste enriched by the addition of specially selected herbs.This makes its taste and aroma distinct, definite and yet unique. It adds more character to mild dishes, while it blends harmoniously with spicy dishes.